Mini Personal USB 9-inch Air Coolers Conditioner

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Color: White
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Didn't work :(

The fan part worked but the diffuser did not.. I put water in the camber but the water level never went down when I turned on the diffuser plus no visible vapor ever appeared when I turned it on. I was expecting the air from the fan to come out cooler but No just regular air circulating.. would not recommend.

Works great, when it’s working

Bought two, only one worked out of the box. The cooling/misting system didn’t work but the fan and lights did. It was resolved with a refund of the bad one though
However, the good one works very well. Keep in mind it does spray a mist of water so it will get caught on the vent blades and drip. Careful moving it as water accumulates inside.

Cooling fan

I like to sit mine on the end table Next to my couch. I actually put ice cubes in the tray with the water and it keeps it nice And cool. I love it

great fans

really like the fans for the price

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Ask a Question
  • Where can I buy new filters?

    There were out of stock now.
    Thank you!

  • Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive my product?

    Since there are so many orders during the deal time. We can not give an exact date of when you will receive the product.
    We have shipped most of the orders days ago. We believe the product will arrive soon.
    The display of tracking number may be delayed since the system received such a big flow these days and we need time to deal with it.
    Thank you!

  • Can you add essential oil to the water reservoir and have scented mist?

    Yes, it also works as an aroma diffuser.

  • With a USB Charge, how long will it last?

    The air cooler works when it is connected with the power via USB interface and it stop work when you disconnect it.
    There is no battery inside so if you want them to run, you have to connect it to the power.
    Thank you!

  • Does this product come with an ac cord too?

    This aircooler only have a USB cable. 
    It do not contain an ac cord with plug.
    Thank you!

  • can it be plugged into a regular 110 wall socket plug?

    This air cooler contains a USB cable but it does not have a plug on the cable.
    You need to add a plug that can be connected with USB if you want to use it with socket plug.
    Thank you!

  • It says that you can use outside the home -so can it be charged up to go?

    It can not be charged up to go.
    You need to bring the USB out together.
    Thank you!

  • How long will this run cordlessly when fully charged?

    This product is not charged. This product need to be connected with power.
    Thank you!