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GIA Mini Potted Fake Plants

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  • Mini Artificial Succulents size:2.56(6.5cm)*2.56(6.5cm)*3.54(9cm)
  • Material:PE Leaf, Concrete pot
  • Features individual pots with a variety of succulent types.
  • Home and Office Decor: Perfect to display on your Office, bedroom, living room, coffee table, windowsill, Balcony, bookshelf, living room mantle, dining room table, cabinet, desk, kitchen,window ledge, foyer and any other place to bring more lifelike colors and organic style
  • Easy to clean.:These mini artificial plant pots are easy to match other colors. Bring freshness and green to your life.and can keep for a long time.Ideal for adding a dash of natural green to any desktop, shelf, or counter space
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