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Adjustable Recliner Sofa with heating manual control+USB charging function

Adjustable Recliner Sofa with heating manual control+USB charging function

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  • RS23-A-D-BRPU
  • Product Dimensions:29.00* 34.30* 39.80inch
  • Adjustable lounge chair: It is designed with adjustable function to provide the ultimate leisure experience.
  • Wired manual control, 8-point vibration+heating/wired manual control+USB charging function
  • Side pockets: Side storage pockets for easy magazine and remote control placement.
  • Double cup holder design, more caring for your rest
  • The 30 degree swing function provides a safe and warm "port" to help you eliminate stress and fatigue, so that you have a better quality of life.
  • The heating function is located in the lumbar position of the chair. You can feel the heat after the heating function is turned on for about 5 minutes. For safety reasons, we control the heating temperature at 38 Celsius, so it may not be particularly obvious.
  • Handbags, gloves and other accessories will be placed under the cushion. Please check when you receive the chair
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